Express Mask Delivery uses Smartr technology, allowing you to order the masks and hand sanitizers you need for your home, office, or store, while also letting you earn money by simply sharing your referral code.

All of our products are made in the USA, and shipped right to your door cheaper than you can find it at the store in most places. And, for every mask sold, we donate a kid-sized mask to a child in need. Forever.

Packages range from getting 25 masks a month shipped to your door, ordering an Express Mask Delivery Vending Machine that is powered by SmartrCommerce, to buying bulk orders of hundreds of thousands of masks.

Share your code with everyone you know, and when they place their orders, you earn money! If they order any monthly subscriptions, you can earn on a monthly basis!

You don't have to make any purchase in order to earn as an affiliate. But you do have to stay "active" to keep earning monthly. Read the FAQ inside the app for all details on how to order and earn.

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